Christ's Bondservants
". . .The Spirit And The Bride say, Come"
Three Part Series on Islam
A Must Read
A Primer on Islam - Part 1
A Primer on Islam - Part II
A Primer on Islam - Epilogue

Death to America

How Much For Your Soul?
Of Treaties and Agendas
A Darker Agenda
Why Syria? Why Now?
Comply or Resist
Poisoning the Soul
Who or What are You Waiting For
Prelude to Persecution
Deception and Perception

Patrick Wyett
Discerning the times
I'm a native Missourian, with a few stops around God's creation before ending up, currently, in Iowa.. I spent four years in Kuwait as a defense contractor for the US military; working on base and living in the Sunni Muslim society. I am an avid reader and researcher. What you see on paper is the Lord's leading. I rely on the Bible and prayer for discernment and am honored and humbled to be a fellow bondservant in Christ.
Subtle Social Justice Serpents
Why Syria? Why Now?
Dear Mr. Trump Part II
Dear Mr. Trump Part I
As the World Burns
Death of a Saint
Surrender Unto Caesar
The Pope's Coming & Islam's Conquest
Faith Without Reservation
Living Under Judgment -Part 2
Living Under Judgment
What Is Jade Helm 15?
Friendship of the World
Obama Nation Defiled
Poisoning the Soul
Poisoning the Body
Illusions, Delusions and Things to Come
Divided and Conquered
Your Life -- Are You Renting or Buying?
Fundamentally Transforming The World
Fundamentally Transforming America
Rumors of War
Apostacy Now