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Blessings for Our Nation - Calvin Scott
The Nails in the Fence
Jesus in Every Book of the Bible
John as a Picture Gallery
Joseph As A Type of Jesus
They That Dwell on the Earth During the Tribulation

The Center Of The Bible - "Statistical Bible Centers" of Interests of the Student
Chart - Christ's Miracles
Chart -  Fifteen (15) Contrasting Events and Phases between the Rapture and the Glorious Coming
Chart - Joseph as a Type of Jesus Christ
Chart - Scripture references on the first Coming Of Our Lord, Jesus Christ (Endtime)
Chart - Scripture references on the second Coming Of Our Lord, Jesus Christ (Endtime)
Chart - Christ's Description of Himself 
Chart - Christ's Description of Salvation  Updated
Chart - Phases of the Second Coming 
Chart - Explains Contrasting Events of Rapture and Second Coming

Isaiah's Portrait of Jesus
Jehovah Is Our God
Just A Few Miracles Of The Bible

Lies Versus Truths
Names Of God
Names Of Jesus
Name Above All Names - He is Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of the living God, my Savior
Never Again List . .

Old Testament Condensed Outline
Our Identity In Jesus Christ
Patrick Henry's Oration
Phases Of The Second Coming - The Rapture versus His Second coming in chart form
Plea To The Church
A Poem - If I Should Quit
Portraits Of Jesus Christ
Post-Resurrection Appearances Of Jesus

Refiner of Silver - An inspirational devotional from Malachi 3: 3
Revelation's Ten Characteristics of Jesus Christ

The Glory Of The Word - Tom Stephens 
The Missing Day - Original, authentic article with Bob Goodings' photo on it (proof)
The Nails in the Fence
The Ten Commandments
Titles Of God

Who Am I In Christ Jesus?
Who Is Jesus Christ?
Why Did You Do It, Judas? - God help us when 30 pieces of silver seems a good price for integrity.
Written By A Doctor -

Pass It On
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Christ's Bondservants
". . .The Spirit And The Bride say, Come"