Linda's Index
Godly Women - Are you one of them?
Heritage And Honor - He knew where he was going and had for some time just been waiting for the Lord to take him.
Here It Is, Lord - The funds were nowhere in sight . . .
How Deep Is Your Root? - Reach down and find out.
How Then Shall We Give - It's all in the Word
In All Things Give Thanks - No matter what the circumstances
Joseph - A Man in the Hands of God

Man of God - Want to be called a Man of God?
Mary and Elizabeth - The young and the old sold out to God
Mercy Over Judgment - I deserved judgment but I found mercy
No Excuse Is A Good One - To humble yourself is to refuse to defend your image; but sinning is the old nature!
Pride Goes Before Destruction - Saul's bad choices
Read the Bible Through - No matter how long it takes!
Rebekkah - Bride of Promise

Terror By Night - "He shall cover thee with His feathers and under His wings shall thou trust; ..truth shall be thy shield"
The Holy Spirit Comes to a Child - It can come to you
When You Pray - God will answer but it may not be what you expect
Women In The Line Of Christ - Why were these women included?
Work Unto God - The Parable of the workers in the field
Christ's Bondservants
". . .The Spirit And The Bride say, Come"