Seasonal Issues:
Ten Reasons I Kissed Halloween Goodbye - By Michelle Blake
Should Christians Wear Tattoos - one of the gang, cool, and spiritually defiled against God . . .
Should Christians Celebrate Halloween - "ghosts" are not just spirits, but EVIL spirits
The Origin Of Halloween - James Melton

Abortion Issues:
End Of Age Atrocity - Murder in the clinics
That They Might Have Life - Robin Webber
When Does Life Begin? -
Americas Greatest Sin - ..Demons unleashed on our nation by making a covenant with hell? (Isa 28:15)

Alcohol and Drugs
The Christian and Alcohol - Doug Batchelor

Sexual Issues:
A Pornography Bailout -
Homosexuals Believe A Lie - Evangelist Dea Warford
Is America The Modern Sodom? - Faith Noles
Another Name For Adultery - Dan Corner
Four Satanic Lies About Homosexuality -  What is going on in America?
Sodomy, War Against God - Joseph Chambers
Two Powerful Warnings To The U.S.A - John McTernan
Gay Life Is a Sewer - written by a dedicated male homosexual, Hilary White
Where Are All The Homosexuals? - Ted Baehr

Other Issues:
All Roads Lead To Heaven..No -
A Special Place in Hell- Dante said there is a special place reserved in hell . . .
Conformed To The World"Abstain from all appearance of evil." 1 Thessalonians 5:22
Detention Camps...A Bill Creating -          
Hell Is Forever! - Just In Case You are still Confused

Key Facts -  About Homosexual & Lesbian Sex

Manifest Destiny - Dutch Sheets 

Pornography - The Road To Hell
Profanity - America's National Language?
Radical And Liberal Politics - In America and in the World
Romans Seven Revisited -  Bernie Koerselman 

Take It By Force - Using the weapons of spiritual warfare!
Tattoos And Body Mutilations - Joseph Chambers
War On Prayer In America, A Stimulus Bill             
What Will Hell Be Like? -
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Newest Articles
What is Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? - Matt Slick
Should Christians Drink Alcohol? - Evangelist Dea Warford
The Case for Praying in Tongues - Apostle Kevin Porter
Christ's Bondservants
". . .The Spirit And The Bride say, Come"
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