Longfellows Christmas Day -
My Declaration of Faith - Father, how good it is to be Your child. I belong! (1 John 3:1).
Proving God Exists -  The death of an atheist Russian Astronaut Who "couldn't See God".
Raymond Wilson Story, The - (pdf) I Corinthians 14:4. "He that speaketh in an unknown tongue, edifieth himself."

Stranger, The - (pdf)  We continued our meal, but his image lingered in my mind. . .Author unknown.
Son of Hamas Leader Converted -

The Loving Shepherd - Of 150 Psalms; 100 bear the names of persons.
The Missing Day - This is the Original, authentic article. I lived in Dallas at the time and did obtain original.
There Is Always Hope - “All the broken pieces of your life are nothing more than a beautiful mosaic of your future.”
Tuned To The Truth - From the day you were born, you wanted to 'do your own thing' and you were rebellious..."
Twenty-Three Minutes In Hell -  Bill Weise' Testimony of his visitation in Hell
Undelivered Letter, The - Are you holding an undelivered letter?
Unshackled - The Ed Baldwin Salvation Story  New!

When You Hear His Voice, Obey - A Testimony Of Healing And Salvation By Tom Stephens.
What Happened When Two Judges Met -
What Happens When You Die? - A four part teaching
Why Was Jesus Born in a Barn?
You Choose, Dad - A Father remembers the tragic death of his son
You Could Have Heard A Pin Drop -  "...I couldn’t find a single Frenchman to show my passport to.

Inspiration Index
Three Hours To Live  ("The Path To Death Row) - At 27, Sam Tannyhill paid his debt to society in the death chamber
at Ohio State Penitintiary. The grim fact does not tell the full story of Sam. In this short volume the drama unfolds of a
boy tossed between a dozen homes before he became a teen, his 20 brushes with the law, and the tragic events
which led to hisImprisonment and the electric chair. Sam found God while in prison and became a powerful influence
on his fellow prisoners. The lessons that Sam learned are open to you, reader, as Brother Fagel outlines how anyone
can find the peace and joy that God promises through Jesus Christ.

Other Articles
A Horrific Dream Of Hell - Dea Warford 
Abide with me - Pamela Anderson
Amazing Grace - Daniel Butler
An Angel Captured On Camera? - wnd
An Angel In Disguise

Dad, Jesus Is Here! - Bob And Linda Thrasher
Doin' Time - 7 Ways To Praise God by Bill Corum
Enter Into His Gates With Thanksgiving - David Buttram
Four Calls To soul Winning - Jack Hyles 

God And The Gambler - An Autobiography By Evangelist Tommy Thomas
Good News - Mike Minnix
Going Home - Yellow Ribbons In the Big Oak Tree by Pete Hamill

If You Need Healing, Do These Things - A Book by Oral Roberts
I'm The Prez - Psalm 33: 10     Dea Warford
In Due Season - A Man Who Refuses To stop

Mr. Right, I Found Him - Janet Porter, Columnist, WND
My Spiritual Journey - "Monumental Moments by Mike Shreve
Not One Lost - Linda Henderson

One Thing To Do Before You Die - Greg Laurie
Others May. . .You Cannot
Peace Stories - Terri Barnes
Prayers To Restore The Soul - Rocky Road

The True Saints' Goals - By Irwin W. Lutzer, 1993, An Outstanding Formula For Our Goal In Life!
The Gospel Of Grace - Oliver Greene
The Conversion - Prison Inmate gets radically saved, by J Phillip Huggins
The Darrell Scott Testimony -
You Can Change Your Children's Destiny - Mike Shreve

Significant Other Articles   PDF's
A Lesson From My Daughter - Randal Stephens
A Good Stain By Randal Stephens
A God Not to Be Trifled With -
Agony Of Love - The Graphic Crucifixion of Our Lord Jesus Christ
A Glimpse Of Eternity -  Ian McCormacks testimony return from hell after dying from jellyfish sting.
An Inheritage - Ron Graham

Betty Baxter - The true story of an incredible healing of a totally crippled a young girl...
Chaplain's Service In Iraq - “I worshiped with filthy, bloody, scared soldiers who sang Amazing Grace
Cody Leger Testimony -  I am on a mission from my Father in Heaven.
Crisis Needing Hope - He vowed he would not raise a child in the home of a drunkard.

Daily Deliverance Prayer -
David, Shepherd, Psalmist, King - Sweet Singer of the World: Ancestor of Christ; Founder of a Dynasty of Kings;
Focus on Healing -
The Catch - Tyree's catch will go down in history
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Newest Articles
The Sting of Death is Sin
Mission Impossible
New Every Morning -Tom Stephens
All Things Possible - Kirk Noonan
A Great Miracle - David Brickner
God's Hidden Last-Days Army by David Wilkerson
What It Means to Walk in the Spirit by David Wilkerson
The Nail Holes in the Fence

All Good Things
An Angel in Disguise
Communion on the Moon
Encounter at Charlie Battery
Jehovah Jireh - Jehovah's Seven Titles Addressing His People
John's Journey
Not How, But Who
No Person is Beyond Forgiveness - Eric Earhart
Others May - You Cannot
She Shed Some Blood For Him -
The Graphic Crucifixion Of Our Lord Jesus Christ -
The Hitchhiker -
The Scapegoat
True Saints Goals - Short analysis of a heart/mind-committed man.
Christ's Bondservants
". . .The Spirit And The Bride say, Come"